Enigma Concept
Barcelona, España
artec3 Studio

Despacho: artec3 Studio
Equipo: Maurici Ginés, Fernando Rojo, José M. Deza
Cliente: Albert Adrià Projectes
Arquitecto: RCR Aranda Pigem Vilalta ARQUITECTES
Año de finalización de la obra: 2016
Fotografía: Adriá Goula, Pep Sau
Créditos adicionales: Electricians: System installations; Constructor: 4Retail; Control: Lutron, DMX

Enigma is Albert Adria’s newest restaurant in Barcelona. The project arose from the concept of generating an enigmatic yet active space where limits are blurred through the use of reflections, luminous densities, chiaroscuros and colour so that the experience of the diner intensifies and focuses on the enjoyment of the high cuisine served by the chef.

This sensation of being in a weightless and abstract place but at the same time special and complex, one that enhances the sensorial culinary experience, is achieved through the veiled materiality of the light. Architecture and lighting design go hand in hand towards this end. The undefined background, the transparent chairs and tables reflecting their surroundings, the translucent vertical glass walls that allow visitors to imagine and then discover the multiple tasting rooms.

A cloud-like ceilings made from wire mesh acts as a central element of the lighting design. The luminous yet murky “cloud” that fills the restaurant and that submerges diners in an ethereal world through the use of vaporous materials and light.

The colour sets the mood and generates chromatic compositions in the cloud guiding diners to the themed rooms; the Cava lounge the colour of wine, the Cocktail lounge the colour of ice, and the Teppanyaki lounge the colour of fire. The experience is served.

The lighting design is integrated and well-hidden so that it goes unnoticed. LED technology (4000ºK, 12 Watt LEDs) controlled by Dali. Miniature spotlights for kitchen areas and tables. The “cloud” made of a low-power 2800 LEDs (2 Watts, 4000 and 4 Watts, RGBW) matrix with DMX control.

Together with the chef and the architects the aim was to propose an integral concept and to design a distinguished place to enjoy high cuisine in an atmosphere that is special, spatial, essential and tailored to this purpose. Everything designed for this space aims to fit within this objective.

To aim at something deeper, more intrinsic, vital, contemporary, resulting from a combined sensorial experience of integration of content and container.

To conceive a new perception of warmth, something that goes far beyond the typical concept of warm light focused on a table and the general light that allows for the understanding of the place, the materials and the location of the luminaries.

To achieve a result where material and light would co-exist as one single communication through a dynamic central element.

The idea of having a cloud-shaped led matrix that would allow for the generation of densities and tridimensional light effects. The use of white light, 4000ºk, high CRI, to generate shades of grey (light, shadow) and lit the food. The use of colour to enhance the themed areas.

All within the current energy-saving regulations and made with a standard budget for lighting material/lighting control (100 € / m2).

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Tunateca Balfegó
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