São Paulo, Brasil
Rafael Leão lighting design

Despacho: Rafael Leão lighting design
Equipo: Rafael Leão, Henrique B. Corrêa
Cliente: Kraut
Arquitecto: João Paulo Meirelles de Faria / Vereda arquitetos
Año de finalización de la obra: 2015
Fotografía: Filipe Redondo
Colaboradores adicionales: João Paulo Meirelles de Faria, Lilian Kim

This small pub is located in the downtown São Paulo area and serves German-inspired dishes in a dedicated krautrock atmosphere. Krautrock, defined as a minimalist psychedelic genre with a rough electronic base sound, is a rock style that emerged in Germany in the early 70’s. It is very different than the American and British music at that time, both of which consisted of warped sound effects. The style has both rhythm and improvisation fundamentals, and it is marked by a steady beat called “motorik”, characterized by a pulsating groove which creates a forward-flowing feel. Motorik recalls a repetitive pattern as a subtle pulse in the background.

Working with a limited budget (US$ 1,000), the lighting concept expressed the elements of the genre, where vintage style LED bulb pendants mark the pulsating groove while the wall cove lighting drives the observer forward, just like motorik. The bar table, a continuous geometric swing along the space, was interpreted as a sharp improvisation of the interior design. Suspended cylinders reinforced the improvisation idea, breaking the continuous distribution of the light bulb pendants, thus highlighting the serving area.

The lighting budget restrictions grounded its solution into an exposed cable pattern to achieve the desired rough and repetitive minimalist look. Surface mount cylinders enhanced the bar shape and balanced its hierarchy in the composition.

The bartender working table, located in the back of the serving area, was lighted with a LED undercabinet light. All lighting coming from the exposed washbasins were shielded by wood boards hanging from the ceiling. These solutions kept all service lighting discrete and avoided brightness interference which could kill the cozy pub atmosphere but kept the minimum light levels where

Dimmers control all light groups separately and provide small adjustments depending on the desired atmosphere. During the day, the LED cove lighting is mostly used to provide general lighting and balance the external brightness. At night, the cove lighting stays dimmed while the vintage style LED bulbs are accentuated. The geometric bar usually remains brighter to promote its agility and sense of community.

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