Linx-Tercera Bienal iberoamericana de iluminación

São Paulo, Brasil
Rafael Leão lighting design

Despacho: Rafael Leão lighting design
Equipo: Rafael Leão, Henrique S. Barbosa Corrêa
Cliente: Linx
Arquitecto: Arealis Brasil
Año de finalización de la obra: 2017
Fotografía: Maíra Acayaba
Normas y certificaciones: ABNT NBR ISO/CIE 8995-1:2013

The architectural concept allied two main aspects of the services provided by this software company while developing the interior design of all spaces distributed on five different floors: the organization, rationality, and precision of the services offered for its clients were interpreted as the “pragmatic and rational” layer, and the clients’ individuality and customization needs were interpreted as the “organic” layer. The combination of these two layers created the “Linx world”.

The lighting design concept considered that all layers coexist throughout the office spaces but with different densities among them. While the open plan and the conference rooms are more “rational”, the lounges and the showroom are more “organic”. The temporary work booths, meeting rooms, and hallways represent the “Linx world”. Both the atmosphere and visual composition created by the lighting design enhanced each room feature but still assured a harmonic composition among them. The 7th floor hosts the reception, the showroom (in the back), the presidency and the conference rooms. The lighting in the reception and waiting area followed the “Linx world” parameters, with medium contrast, required light levels on the desk, and a vast use of custom made applications. All of the ambient lighting is concealed inside niches in the wall to create a welcoming atmosphere in a completely glare-free environment which allows no interference on the hologram logo (column). The showroom in the back of the reception, as well as the lounges in the surrounding area, followed the “organic” parameters, with higher contrast and minimum light levels, providing the observer with a more impactful experience and a cozier atmosphere. The lighting applied many custom installations to enhance the interior design and strengthen the architecture. A circular pendant highlights the organic ceiling design of the lounge while technical downlights, responsible for the perimeter lighting, provide additional light without disrupting the hierarchy.

The architecture left most of the installations exposed along the open plan. Direct and indirect LED linear luminaires provided light to the workstations and to the exposed concrete ceiling. The overall look is a uniform and discreet lighting solution as addressed by the “rational” parameters. The distribution of the continuous run luminaires easily matched the projects asymmetrical walls and partitions as well as created rhythm and form to the open plan ceilings. Longer lines solved larger workstation distributions, keeping a quiet ceiling.

The absence of natural light in most of the meeting rooms was solved by a perimeter LED cove lighting. This solution created a high perception of brightness and balanced the visual adaptation when the observer leaves the open plan. Additional downlights provided the required light levels. The brainstorm room has a more informal approach with a higher desk and stools. The lighting design kept the cove on the perimeter for brightness perception and applied cylindrical downlights with colored reflector trims in a random distribution to enhance the relaxed ambiance.

All of the company floors (except the 7th floor – reception) have at least two temporary workstation booths. These elements have a unique design and were treated as a more intimate and cozier work space – as they host one individual at a time. The lighting was mostly integrated into the carpentry. LED strip lights installed inside small niches or behind wood panels provide the required light levels and enhance the identity of these elements. In other informal meeting booths, the lighting is also playful, highlighting the color and form of the spaces.

The lighting design addresses the architectural concept, regarding the “rational”, “organic” and “Linx world”, and expands upon the idea to strengthen the architectural concept, enhancing its elements legibility and promoting a suitable atmosphere for each space.

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