Pine Tree South-Tercera Bienal iberoamericana de iluminación

Pine Tree South
Miami, Estados Unidos
Lux Populi S.A. de C.V.

Despacho: Lux Populi S.A. de C.V.
Equipo: Hugo Solano Thomas Paterson
Cliente: Brodson Construction
Arquitecto: SAOTA
Año de finalización de la obra: 2016
Fotografía: Dan Forer
Normas y certificaciones: UL, NEC, IECC

Developers Brodson Construction have delivered a series of speculative homes in Florida by top global architects. This home, by South African architects SAOTA brings flamboyant modernism to Miami. The home blends clear massing and forms with excellent daylighting and relaxing spaces that blend interiors with exteriors.

The lighting techniques used blur the line between interiors and exteriors – downlighting is used in side-by-side exteriors to create centering over furniture arrangements, so there is a consistency of feel between groupings, while cove techniques exist both inside and outside. The feature stair conceals uplighting and internal lighting so as to both light the foyer and emphasize the form. Small grace notes allow relatively simple lighting to feel sharp and distinct, for example, wallwashing at the mezzanine is aligned over bannisters to ensure that the shadow is lost into the bannister itself.

The house includes various techniques for artwork lighting, anticipating the needs of possible buyers.

The shower head is concealed up into a ceiling aperture, in which a pair of wet area accent lights are concealed, lighting through the falling water and turning it into a sparkling shaft of rain.

The lighting design has both to sell the house if visited at night by potential buyers and to create a comfortable and rich ambience in which to live. The tight budget (given the US location and the scale of the house) led to many challenging decisions, essentially seeking to create a single coherent design voice while solving each location at an appropriate budget level. The environment is one of the most aggressive possible for electrical equipment, with salt, sand, humidity, tropical rain, etc, so fixture selection was critical. In spite of the pressure for a manageable budget, quality products were delivered and serve the home well.

Modern design demands disciplined lighting. This home dissolved interior and exterior in its tropical setting to make for the ultimate in entertaining homes. Light interacts with water, masses and screens to create expansive but intimate privacy in an ideal entertaining setting.

A Florida dream home, set in dense planting reveals appealing interiors in the night time, and blends out to the pool beyond seamlessly, the definition of interior and exterior blurred by the flow of light.

Wicker Park Residence
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