Templo Birkat Itzjak-Tercera Bienal iberoamericana de iluminación

Templo Birkat Itzjak
Ciudad de México, México
artec3 Studio

Despacho: artec3 Studio
Equipo: Maurici Ginés, José Cardona
Cliente: Templo Birkat Itzjak
Fotografía: Jaime Navarro

The lighting concept for the Marina Temple aims to achieve a contemporary look and a high visual comfort for the pray and study of the Torah, without losing the essence of tradition, respect and liturgy that must be perceived in these religious buildings. The architectural materials are wood and stones of warm colors.

Five light typologies lit the Temple in its different areas:

  1. Functional light on the horizontal plane for both reading/studying and common areas, each area with its appropriate lighting levels. In most cases, groups of 2w leds luminaires were placed embedded in the false wooden ceiling. These luminaires, of very low luminance, had an opening angle of 32 ° or 48 ° depending on the height of the space. Additionally, a hanging typology was used in the central area and the Rabbi’s position to provide accent and add an aesthetic value (as an object).
  1. Indirect lighting of the ceiling wooden slats in aisle spaces to enhance the material as well as to obtain the minimum levels for the save transit of people. For this purpose, led strips of warm color temperature were hidden in the wooden beams.
  1. Interior lighting of the façade slats and the staircase. To generate a subtle effect at the bottom of the stairs, led spotlights were integrated inside or between the wooden slats.
  1. In the Main Hall flush light in the upper areas reserved for women was used to preserve their privacy from the men´s pray area below.
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